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V14. Notes of Narrations on Varieties of Dances.



The king Consider-Time,

Who so ever like this man?

How excellent!

Wishing to see him

Hundred Governor Lords,

Wishing to open the treasure room

Just the king Consider-Time might open it

The king Consider-Time,

Going to the town Thank-Name and Up-Field

Kicking up dewdrops

Even the dewdrop is so fragrant



The high official, associate of the Governor of Jewel-Name-Castle,

Or the high official, associate of the Lord of Flower-Castle,

One child,

Only child, given birth

Outside of the residence,

Inside of the residence, being born

The first crop,@

Choosing the better

Selecting the best

The finer woven cloth,

The finest woven cloth, making up

The village Jewel-Name-Castle,

Going down to the water well

Pulling the warp threads,

Extending the cloth to go down


Coming across to the red ranked official of Head-Town

The people also,

Wishing to see them

The high officials also,

Hoping to see them



The man of the town Combine-Castle,

The loving lord

The lord of Combine-Castle,

The loving child of the lord,

The cherished child of the lord,

Taking the mandarin beads necklace to put,

Holding the tangerine beads necklace to put,



Staying in the town Win-Join,

The good-looking man Lord-Hope

Come here, the good-looking man of Rich-Around

Staying in the excellent town,



Staying in the hamlet Know-Flower,

The handsome Governor

Staying in the hamlet Know-Flower,

The good-looking Governor

The official hat

Putting on tightly

The white silk kimono,

And the kimono gown, wearing

Ten times rolling sash-belt,

Putting on

The grand sword,


The side sword,

Putting on solemnly

With the sandals made of goat leather,

Wearing tightly

The horse leader,

The man named Small-First-Man leading the horse

On the pure white horse,

Harnessed with the golden saddle

On the front saddle,

Printed with the sun shape

On the back saddle,

Printed with the moon shape



Listen to the villagers of Virtue-Offer,

Listen to the villager of Safe-Rich-Ancestor

Thinking of that, the heart broken

The daughter of the hamlet Hill-Union,

The daughter of the heart-broken parents

Confined in the hill for three months,

Confined in the sanctuary for three months

Bitten by mosquitoes,

Pricked by mosquitoes



There is a feast of Plane-Good in the day after tomorrow,

Making them see cocks

Please take a look at

There is a feast of Head-Town in the third day,

Wishing to let the Japanese children see



Like the cherry blossoms in the sanctuary North,

Let the shamans dance together

Like the cherry blossoms spreading in the sanctuary East,

Make the mediums dance together

The shamans putting on the fair parasols,

The mediums setting on the novel parasols,



Birds of Isle Accept are chirping,

Birds of the island are twittering,



Just under the sun,

Under mulberry trees, birds are twittering

My loving one

Uttering voices

Listen, listen, my hearty one

Just my hearty one, take a listening

Under the sun, the hole of the sky,



The woman Sister-Barrel, from the heart,

For the spiritual Governor Lord

Hearing his voices

Even in the hamlet Good-Luck-Next,

Even in the place far away



The worldly, excellent brothers,

The loving brothers

The worldly, good-looking brothers,

When the brothers staying in the parental country, Head-Town,

When the brothers staying in the parental Governorsf country,

May the brothers lead the country!,

May the sister become the guardian bird!,



The mandarins of the lower island Okinawa,

The mandarins of the capital Head-Town

Waiting for a long time

The best season coming,

The younger season coming

Waiting for a long time


The worldly lord of Rice-Use,

Going and coming to the palace Chafe-Letter-Virtue

Waiting impatiently

Adoring for outshining

Today, in the capital palace,

Tomorrow, to the palace of Rice-Use



To the woman True-Beauty-Virtue, going and coming with all heart,

To the woman Supple-Beauty-Flower, going and coming with all heart,

In the noon time, going and coming to the heart,

In the night time, going and coming to the dream,

Wishing to go to the street Thank-Name in the west,

Hoping to go to the street Roof-Good in the east,

The sweet-heart of Roof-Good is waiting in the east street,

The sweet-heart of Thank-Name is waiting in the west street,

Now, desiring to go to the middle street Roof-Pleasure-Name,



My sweet-heart,

Waiting impatiently

To the village of Name-Guard

Letting her go alone

My heart is broken

My sweet-heart,

Having dwelt

To the village Pleasure-Shallow



The woman Sisterly-Child,

Is the woman Young-Child here?

From the house,

Are you home, brotherly Governor?

From the holy sliding door,

From the sacred hatched house, sisterly Governor

What do you say?

Are you here, brotherly Governor?

For the holy services,

For the world ruling, sisterly Governor

Not for the holy services,

Not for the world ruling

Take the islands,

Take the country, sisterly Governor

No, for the islands,

No, for the country, brotherly Governor

Take the marine treasures,

Take the mountain treasures, sisterly Governor

No, for the marine treasures,

No, for the mountain treasures, the brotherly Governor

Take the jewelry,

Take the beads, sisterly Governor

Letfs accord

Letfs accept, brotherly Governor



Going up to the well Left-Out-Next,

It doesnft fall in the rainy season

The brothers wetting their sleeves

Going down from the well Left-Out-Next,

It doesnft fall in the rainy season

In the rainy season



The shamans of the hamlet Thread-Wood-Name,

Giving sandals to the children

Going up to the Governorfs hill

Looking out over the ship forward

The brother wishing for the calm

Indeed worrying about

Frosts falling in January,

The fine woven sleeves

Enhancing the beauty of the face

Looking out over the ship forward



In the hallowed woods mound of Pass-Come,

In the sacred place of Pass-Come

The fatherly lord

The world getting along well

In the hallowed woods mound of the east,

In the rising sacred place@@@@@@@

The fatherly lord




The worldly lord of Pass-Come,

The godfs falling place in Old-Thank

Building up the six poled storehouse

The upper and the lower looking out over it

The rising worldly lord,



The parental shaman of the hallowed woods of Pass-Come,

Treating the parental shaman

From now on@

Fair sake is outshining

The parental shaman of the rising hallowed woods,



The guardian hallowed woods of Know-Flower,

Taking the holy ritual of washing beads

In this fine day,

In this shining day,

Cleansing the comma-shaped beads,

Polishing the jewel,



The grand men of the iron castle,

Invited by the grand men


Coming down to this land

gDe.h I choose the shamans

The loving men of Iron-Castle,

Invited by the loving men



The well-known Middle-Castle,

Commanding the port in front

This is indeed the iron castle of the heaven

The sounding Middle-Castle,

Commanding the sea behind

This is indeed the well-known Middle-Castle



In well-known Up-Hamlet,

Wishing to come down the hallowed woods

The grand Governor Sky-Cloud

Staying in the heaven

In sounding Up-Hamlet,

Wishing to go down the hallowed woods



The parental shaman of the castle walls, 

As the shaman of the heaven

The spirits guarding the world

Take holy services with high spirits

The head shaman Ring-Endure,

As the shaman of the paradise

The spirits protecting the world

Hold sacred services with high souls



The parental shaman of Isle Give-Argue,

Going and coming to the east

From now on

The spirit is outshining

The head shaman of the hallowed woods Gold,

Going and coming to the hole of the sky



The hallowed woods This-Wave of Isle Port-Hard,

Or the hallowed woods Pure-Night of Isle Port-Hard

In the new thread braid armor

The hallowed woods This-Wave in the island,

The hallowed woods Pure-Night in the island



The fair shaman Bell-Ring,

Dancing beautifully

With our fatherly man

Wishing to exchanging fine voices

Looking-worthy Bell-Ring,

Dancing fantastically

With our fatherly man

Hoping to exchanging novel voices



The springing water of Help-Spread,

Building up the dam

From now on

The high spirits outshining

The fountain water of the root town,



The spiritual Governor of Help-Spread,

The excellent man indeed

Conquering hundred towns

Rule over to thrive

The grand Governor of Help-Spread,



The fair hallowed woods of Help-Spread,

Governors fledging out from the parental town


Jump up to the world

The fair hallowed woods in the north,



The loving lord in Help-Spread,

Choosing people to come

Putting on the laurels of the heaven

The loving lord in the root town,



To the gate of the hamlet Paddy-Field,

Wait for the excellent lord

The golden cups

Setting on to wait

In the root town Paddy-Field,



In the hallowed woods Gold of Paddy-Field,

The shaman Plant-Guard dancing

The gold is glittering


In the hallowed woods Gold of the root town,



The high official of Hand-Climb-Root,

Opening up the sea lane to China

Just Hand-Climb-Root

Resound to the inside of Japan

The lord of Hand-Climb-Root,



To the shaman Good-Teller of Plane-Paddy,

Coming down to rule over the world

Making up the clean well of the Great Sanctuary

To the shaman Good-Teller of Plane-Paddy,

Going down to dominate the world

Building up the street of coral trees in the Great-Sanctuary




In the hallowed woods mound of Know-Hope,

In the hallowed mound of the east

The Governor Lord

The adoring and rising castle,

In the hallowed woods mound of the great town,

The hallowed mound of the hole of the sky



The man named Waiter of Long-Hand-Hard,

Making up the red sword@@@@@@@@@@

The Governor Lord

The king putting on the sword

The high official of the rising town,

Making up the red sword



From the heaven, resounding,

The hallowed woods mound of Know-Hope

The Governor Lord

Adoring and rising castle

From the paradise, resonating,

The hallowed woods mound of the great town

The Governor Lord

Adoring and rising castle



From the heaven, the fair carpenter,

Building up the hallowed woods mound of Know-Hope

Making up

Present to the Governor Lord

From the paradise, the fine carpenter,

Building up the hallowed woods mound of the great town



The big beach of Roof-Good,

The long beach of Roof-Good

In the year of gods falling, letfs dance

The elders of Roof-Good,

The superiors of Roof-Good

In the year of gods falling, letfs dance



The shaman Hill-Good-Dog, the celebrated,

Or the shaman Rich-Wave, the felicitated

Looking out over the north hills with envy

Going up to Now-Come-Virtue,

Coming up to the sounding town

Set up the holy sake to take back

Put up the sake to bring back



The well-known former king Gold-Circle,

The loving daughter is dancing

Wishing to see her

The sounding Gold-Circle

The goddesses Sisterhood taking holy services



The shamans of Vigor-Reason-Guest,

Or the shaman Bright-Endure

Falling the showers

Wetting the armor

Touching the port Fortune-Sky,

Touching the small port

Going down from the sanctuary Good-Port-Space,

Falling the showers

Wetting the armor

The soldiers of Japan

The warriors of Kyoto



The shaman Float-Rope of Inside-Space staying,

The shamans are invited

The renowned Float-Rope,



The well-known grand shaman,

Or the sounding grand shaman

The Heaveners

Shining just in the beginning

Wishing to take the world of the country,

Hoping to get the world of the islands

Not knowing about soldiers,

Not knowing about warriors

Even shamans are gracious,

Even mediums are gracious,



The sun in the east,

Building up the palaces

Making up to outshine

Stay for ten hundred ends

The well-known lords of ruling,

Building up the palaces

The sun, the hole of the sky,

Building up the palaces

The sun, the hole of the sky,

The spirit ruling over the world



Even staying in Mulberry-Inlet,

Or even staying in Push-Up

The fair dancing of Safe-Valley-Roof,

Wishing to see the novel dancing

Indeed, in the side sanctuary,

Indeed, in the front sanctuary


Staying in With-Hope-River,

The head Governor Sky-Virtue

The chief Governor

Staying in the parental town,

Passing the fourth day of the month

Learning the dances for holy services



The grand lord of Plane-Good,

Standing by the Red-Cliff



The men of the hallowed woods Pleasure-Roof-Weapon,

In the fair sacred place built by the men

Dance and dance holily, escort wives

In the middle court of the hallowed woods Pleasure-Roof-Weapon,

In the fair sacred place



The sounding town Up-Inlet-Shallow,

The sacred sake springing like water

The well of Up-Inlet-Shallow,

The sake



The daughter of the family White in Space-Hard,

gEke, hiyoh, kowi.h

Putting the comma-shaped beads in fun,

gEke, hiyoh, kowi.h



The high official of Give-Much-Field,

The renowned, sounding lord

Adoring with pleasure

Looking with a good grace

The high official of Middle-Town,

Or the high official of Eye-Take-True

Invited to Rice-Town,

Invited to Rice-Hill



The well-known town Read-Valley-Hill,

Choosing the Governor Lord

Waiting for

The loving son

Ruling over to thrive

The sounding town Read-Valley-Hill,



The well-known town Read-Valley-Hill,

The holy bronze bowl

Putting in to flow over

Present to the Governor Lord

The sounding town Read-Valley-Hill,

The sacred copper bowl



The man named Palm-Child of Compare-Stop,@

Putting the life in the bosom

May the shaman Shine-Truer flush!

In the fair sacred place of Pleasure-Offer,

To the gate of Pleasure-Offer



In the fair sacred place shining under the sun,

The grand shamans chafing hands

The tributes of the world

Present to King Long-True

In the fair sacred place of the kingfs ancestors,

The graceful shamans chafing hands



The high official of Give-Rich-Castle,

Or the resounding lord of the town

May the surpassing Governor Lord love him!

The high official, the sanctuary associate,



The well-known town Land-Change,

Entering to beg the water

Therefs no water

Offering the sacred sake

The sounding town Land-Change,



In the fair sacred place, the looking-up holy place,

Who pulls the bow-string for a talisman?

The lively superb palace for a long time

The small slope in the east,

Birds flying over the spiritful paddy,

Shooting down without delay

The lively superb palace for a long time



The well-known town Middle-Castle,

In the fine sacred forum

The unforgettable novel Lord

The sounding town Middle-Castle,



In the hallowed woods of Safe-Valley-Roof,

The excellent shaman appearing

The eagle that rules over the world

Catching it to outshine

In the hallowed woods, loved and cherished,

In the villages of the east,

The loving lord

The high water dam,

Flowers are blooming



Narrations of the chanter in Long-Field,

No waiting more than ten days

Every four days

Present the rhythms for ruling the world

Relations of the chanter in Long-Field,



The well-known town With-Hope-Head,

A lot of storehouses in the root town

The fragrant sake of the parental town

The well-known town With-Hope-Head,



The well-known lined storehouses,

No waiting more than three days

Todays and tomorrows

The tributes running

The sounding lined storehouses,



The well-known town Jewel-Name-Castle,

The sounding town Jewel-Name-Castle

The shamans guarding the iron castle

The gates gathering the towns,

The gates surpassing the spirits

The gates gathering the sacred sake,

The gates surpassing the sake

In the sacred place gathering towns,

In the holy place surpassing towns

A lot of parasols swinging,

A lot of shamans chafing hands



The shaman, the medium Lady-Good,

Building up the beautiful house

The shaman, the medium Lady-Lord,

The fair treasure room,

The north winds blowing,

The soldiers with topknots,

The numberless warriors,

Coming in those long lines,

Drawing in those long rows,

The ship Eagle protected by the Lady-Good,

The ship Eagle supported by the grand shaman,

May the all spirits of the world guard us!