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V16. Notes of Narrations on the town Win-Join and the town With-Hope-River.



The chanters of narrations,

Their mouths are right and spiritual

Choosing Win-Join to stay

The reciters of relations,

The well-known lord Hill-Hemp-Union-Sharp,

Becoming the kinsman of the King



The lord Hill-Hemp-Union-Sharp of Win-Join,

Stay for ten hundred years

The spiritual lord Hill-Hemp-Union-Sharp,

Suitable for Win-Join,

Suitable for the spirit,



To the well-known shaman Plant-Guard,

Coming down to take holy services

Soothing the upper and lower splendidly

To the sounding shaman Plant-Guard,

In this fine day,



To the spiritual shaman Plant-Guard,

Coming down to make holy dances

Like going and coming to villages

To the medium Plant-Guard,

Coming to the palace True-Comer,

Coming to the island This-Count

Coming to the palace Shine-Seat,

Looking out over Isle Beach-Compare, Isle Plane-Safe-Sit



The rising Full-Moon,

Or the shaman Full-Moon

Looking at the inside of the beautiful palaces

The men of High-Inlet-Shallow,

Welcoming with much pride

The men of our fatherly lord,



The town Win-Join standing up to the sun,

Opening the gates

Jewelry and gold gathering

Into the grand palace

The spiritual town standing up to the sun,


For the past time and now

Choosing the Governor



The lord Hill-Hemp-Union-Sharp of Win-Join,

The holy jeweled ladle exists

To Kyoto and Kamakura@

Say this and resound

The Hill-Hemp-Union-Sharp of the spiritual town,

The Governor Lord born to rule over the villages,

The Governor Lord born to reign over the towns,

The King staying in Head-Town,

Hold the holy jeweled ladle



The fair lord of Win-Join,

Looking out over the grand palace

The fine lord of the spiritual town,

Putting on the holy beads necklace,



May the excellent men gather!,

The public cherishing

May the people gather!

The lord of Win-Join,



To the shaman Full-Moon,

The lady shaman coming down to appear

Resound to the beach of the village

To the lord of Win-Join

Tell that

To the lord of the spiritual town,

In Beach-River,

To the inlet, falling down



The fair lord Root-Stalk,

The fine lord Root-Stalk

gEke.h Look at with according hearts

Ride on the horse,

Put on the red parasol,



The shaman Full-Moon,

The grand shaman from the ancient times

Gather and take holy services, escort wives



Coming down to Beach-River


Going down to the inlet


In the night, even in a stormy wind, praying

Staying up all night,

Putting away Fire-God



The sounding Governor of Win-Join,

The Governor sounding to hundred villages

The sounding Governor of the spiritual town,

The fair port of Win-Join,

The fine port of the spiritual town,

To the shining True-Beach from the upper land,

To Beach-River from the lower land,



The lord Hill-Hemp-Union-Sharp of Win-Join,

The sounding lord Hill-Hemp-Union-Sharp

Sounding to the great country

The lord Hill-Hemp-Union-Sharp of the spiritual town,



The spiritful Plant-Guard,

The shaman Plant-Guard

The spiritual Governor Lord

Get along well with the heads

Building up Win-Join,

The fair shaman Loved

Building up the spiritual town,



The sister shaman Lady-Surpass,

The head of Governors

Surpassing her brother

Going together with the sister shamans,



What compares with Win-Join?,

Comparing with Kamakura

What compares with the spiritual town?,




The loving lord Go-Well-Little of Win-Join,

Sisters and brothers coming


The lord Go-Well of the spiritual town,



The sun in the east, from the front,

Holding gold

Present the celebrations with according hearts

The sun, the hole of the sky,



Win-Join, how beautiful it is!,

Resound to the villages of the land

The spiritual town, how splendid it is!,



In the consecrated woods Gold of Isle Plane-Safe-Sit,

Known to the spiritual gods

To the shaman Set-Up

As the gods for the worldfs peace and fortune

In the root consecrated woods Gold,@



The good-looking parental shaman,

Going and coming to the east,

The tributes of the country

Present to King Long-True

The parental shaman in the fair palace,@@@@@@@@



The parental shaman in the consecrated mound of Isle This-Count,

No bridge but exchanging songs over the island

Ruling over

Present to King Long-True

The parental shaman True-Facer,



The well-known island Shrine-Castle,

Choosing genuine iron

The village dancing is surpassing

The sounding island Shrine-Castle,



In the consecrated woods of Isle Shrine-Castle,

Indeed, beautifully falling down

The surpassing shaman

Dancing spiritually

In this fine day,



The well-known shaman Isle Shrine-Castle,

The shaman Set-Up

Dancing spiritually

Soldiers also doing proudly

The sounding shaman Isle Shrine-Castle,



By the washing well of Isle Plane-Safe-Sit,

Cleansing the beads necklace

The holy beads necklace

Present to King Long-True,



The entrance of With-Good-River,

Just the lord Strong-South-Wind

Listen to the sounding

The entrance of the parental town,

My brother may live there,

Good-Barrel may live there,



To the spiritful shaman Land-Beauty,

Walking to With-Good-River

Giving the rain to the town

To the fair shaman Land-Beauty,



The lord First-Son,


Rejoice and take pride

My hand-drum,@@@@


Who might take it?,

Who might hold it?

The shaman Hundred-Times-Jump-Up in services



The well-known lord Strong-South-Wind,

The sounding lord Strong-South-Wind

The left life

Present to the grand lord

As the moon left over,

Like the moon remains



The consecrated woods mound of Inlet-Shallow,

The eight-poled storehouses standing in line

The storehouses are looking-worthy for the upper and lower

The head consecrated mound of Inlet-Shallow,

In the grand tideland,



The consecrated woods mound of Inlet-Shallow,

The head consecrated mound of Inlet-Shallow

Inlet-Shallow is the fortunate town

The parental shaman of the shamans in Inlet-Shallow,

In this fine day

Coming to pray in the grand consecrated mound



The shaman of Inlet-Shallow,

The grand shaman Teller

Walking slowly, gracefully

Pile up gold to present to the consecrated woods of Head-Town

In this fine day,

The grand shaman Teller



The plane village of Inlet-Shallow,

The parental town Inlet-Shallow

The spiritual consecrated woods

The brother looking at

This is Win-Join,

This is the spiritual town,



The shaman of Sky-Hope,

In the land-treasure palace

Just Win-Join is the land-treasure castle

The shaman Laugher,

For the sake of the Governor Lord,

Coming down to Win-Join



The lord named Plane of Sky-Hope,

Or the First-Son, the shining

Paying attentions to the Governor

The juniors rejoicing

In the sacred place of Sky-Hope,@@@@@@@@@@@@

In the sacred place in the east

Inviting the grand Governor,

Inviting the worldly lord



The grand parental town is beautiful

This lively eagle

The fair shaman True-Facer,

The golden palace

The silvery palace is beautiful



In the consecrated woods of Safe-Pleasure-Name,

The hand-drum that appeases the villages

Present to the Governor Lord guarding the villages

In the consecrated woods of Safe-Pleasure-Name,

The hand-drum that appeases the towns



The spiritual shaman Land-Beauty,

The fair fatherly gods supporting

May the Governor Lords resound!

The grand shaman Land-Beauty,

For the sake of our lords,

For the good of our villagers,



The parental ship With-Good-River,

Float with resounding


The ship resonating to the land

The ship of the parental town,



The shaman of Sky-Hope,

Looking at the lord First-Son, the shining

Good falling

In the sacred place in the east,

The lord First-Son, the shining