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V9. Notes of Narrations on Dances.



Lady Swing or Lady Look-Worthy chafing hands

Outshining King stays beautifully

The hallowed woods of Head-Town or the hallowed woods mound of True-Stone,

The Governor Lords, noble lords, and the King,

The stone masons and iron smiths thinking,

Piling up stones and rocks,

Heaping up highly and widely,



The hallowed woods mound of Head-Town,

Build up like this

Excellent treasure

The hallowed woods mound of True-Stone,

The well-known town Beach-Guard,

Giving birth to the grand brother@@@@

To the well-known town Middle-North,

As a matchmaker

Like treasures drawing near,

As jewel coming together



Lady Spirit and Lady Good,

Keep good time to resound

Isle Long-Rice or Isle Iron,

The hallowed woods mound of Unite-Citadel,

Governor Lords and grand lords,



Lady Put-Hat and Lady Land-Guard,

The fair screen outshining beautifully

Resounding hallowed woods of Big-Town,

The noble, novel man,

The picture of running horses,

The picture of fighting bulls,

The picture of dragons-flies,

The picture of dancing butterflies,



The shaman Lady-Good

The shaman Lady-Lord

How outstanding!

A hundred escort wives,

Seventy escort wives

In the hundred,

In the seventy



A hundred storehouses standing in line,

Eighty warehouses in a row

Warehouses for attacking islands

Staying in the town Jewel-Castle,

The high officials treating



The beautiful town Jewel-Castle,

Coming down beautifully

The town Hundred-Name and Jewel-Castle,

Jewel-Castle of Governor Lords,



To the elders in the town Castle-Space,

To them in the sacred forum

Come down to take holy services, Gods

To the elders in the town Again-Luck,



Into Lady World-Come,

Coming down to hold sacred services

Keeping good time to resonate

Shall we dance?

Into the loving lady,

Going down to get holy services



Lady World-Come of Isle Long-Rice,

In the good ornamented armor

With plaited thread


Spiritful Lady World-Come,



Untiring Lady Land-Iron,

Coming down to swing

Worldly Lady Set-Up,

Looking at the Lady and the sanctuary,



Well-known Spirit-Lady,

King ruling over the world

Sounding Spirit-Lady,

Well-known Governor Lord,

Sounding Governor Lord,



Holy Lady,

The ship of Holy Lady

Sail with strong ropes

Lady Land-Guard,

The ship of Lady Land-Guard



Lady Spirit,

Well-known Lady Spirit

gAeke, yare.h

Lady Spirit,

Sounding Lady Spirit

gAeke, yare,h

In front of the Governor Lord,

gAeke, yare.h

In front of the grand lord,

gAeke, yare.h



The grand lord of the town Space-Root,

The great lord is good-looking

The seeing-worthy excellent lord

Gathering on the top mountain,

Coming to the top sanctuary

Your subjects are delightful,

Your people are enjoyable

The splendid lord coming across,

Looking at the handsome lord



The runner, Thread-Number,

Coming to, gHi.h

gGo away, runner.

Standing in front of him, gHi.h

The runner to the middle island,


gGo away, runner.h

Spreading arms, gHi.h



Untiring Lady Land-Iron,

Unwearied Lady Land-Guard

Donft mistake to perform dances,

Donft take an error in step

Letfs dance with novel performances,

Shall we dance with beautiful skills!

The upper and lower looking at,

The islanders putting eyes on



Bind-Long-Mind of the capital,

Bind-Rich-Wave of the capital

The wonderful, novel screen

The works of Bind-Long-Mind,

The crafts of Bind-Rich-Wave



The well-known splendid hallowed woods,

Loving shamans chafing hands

The upper and lower land@@

Go along together

The sounding great hallowed woods,



Well-known Lady Good,

Coming down to see beautiful dances

The feather of eagle is swinging

Sounding Lady Good,

The hallowed woods mound of Head-Town,

The hallowed woods mound of True-Stone,



The well-known town With-Hope-River,

Pure water of Sanctuary-Rope

Fountain water of worldly fortune

The sounding town With-Hope-River,

Sounding Lady True-Facer,

Heavenly Lady Set-Up,


To the hallowed woods mound of Isle This-Plan,

The ship Capital-Come-Rise

The swift ship controlling waves

To the hallowed woods mound of the great town,

The skillful craftsman Small-Elder,



Lady Put-Hat of Isle Long-Rice,

Lady loved by the lord

The building With-Hope-River that guards the world

Sounding Lady Put-Hat,



Well-known Lady Shine,

Treated by Holy Lady

Governor Lords standing in line


Sounding Lady Shine,

The Governor Lord of the hallowed woods of Head-Town,

The Governor Lord of the hallowed woods of True-Stone,



In the hallowed woods of Gold-Luck,

Noble lords gathering

Have pity minds together

Our father lord

In the hallowed woods of Safe-Valley-Roof,



Shamans in the village,

The ship of the grand lady

Leading and controlling waves

Men in Isle Pass-Good-Spread,

The captain managing

In the waves of the ports-mouth,

Passing the high waves

New wheat,

First wheat, a lot of buds

First helmsman,

The superior man

Catching turtles,

Seizing dugongs

gCatch themh,

gSend wordsh



In the middle of Roof-Compare-Long,

What sorts of people are there?

Holy Lady taking holy services for peace

In the middle of the sanctuary,

Taking the mouth of the horse,

Leading the bull on foot,



Lady of Long-Good-Wave,

Lady of Shallow-Name-Wave@

Sounding soldiers in the southern main island,

Renowned warriors in the lower land

Attacking the surroundings,

Assailing the stone walls

Assaulting the wooden gates,

Raiding the iron gates

Guarding the surroundings,

Protecting the stone walls



Well-known Lady Spirit,

Going on a journey with the mind in serene

Sounding Lady Spirit,




North wind blowing as it does,

The King of the Governor Lords

Waiting for his ship

Tailwind, tailwind blowing,